Lightning Detector Sensor

N-Break Storm Defender was designed to give the user the possibility to disconnect electronic devices (manually or automatically) when a stormy front approaches, as it is capable of monitoring the presence and dynamics (approaching and moving away) of stormy fronts within a radius of 40 km from the location of the device, thus predisposing and protecting the devices connected via a mains circuit breaker.

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    KIT N-BREAK Storm Defender Lightning Protection with Automatic Network Release #68700020
    Prix catalogue:
    699,00 €
    499,00 €
    200,00 € (29%)
    KIT N-Break Storm Defender is able to detect storms and automatically disconnect the network with an advance warning of 10km when a storm is approaching and reconnect the network with a delay of 8Km when the storm is moving away.
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    N-BREAK Storm Defender Sensor Lightning and Stormy fronts Detector #68700000
    Prix catalogue:
    399,00 €
    259,00 €
    140,00 € (35%)
    N-Break Storm Defender is a sophisticated device able to detect lightning and stormy fronts in advance (up to 40Km) associated with it both approaching and moving away.