International Antifouling VC Offshore High Performance 0,75 Lt Red YBB711 #458COL300

International Antifouling VC Offshore High Performance 0,75 Lt Red YBB711 #458COL300

International Antifouling VC Offshore High Performance 0,75 Lt Red YBB711 #458COL300

VC Offshore EU is an antifouling effective even in areas of high fouling conditions, suitable for sailboats and motor. Quick drying to a paint film hard and smooth, easy to clean and provides excellent sanding.
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International Antifouling VC Offshore High Performance 0,75 Lt Red

VC Offshore EU is a high strength antifouling suitable for all difficult antifoulding conditions for both powerboats and sailboats. It is quick drying to form a smooth, hard film which is easy to clean and provides excellent scrubbability.
Smooth finish for improved speed and efficiency. Ideal for sailing boats and powerboats. Easy and quick application. Does not need sanding between coats. Fast drying for rapid overcoating and flexible launch times.  

Wash thoroughly with freshwater. 

Check for sound condition.

NATURAL GRP: Use VC General Thinner to clean and completely degrease surfaces. Lightly sand with abrasive 240 grit sand paper. Rinse with freshwater and allow to dry. Use VC Tar2 as a primer to protect against osmosis.

STEEL: Prime with VC Tar2 to prevent corrosion.

LEAD: Prime with VC Tar2.

Useful Tips:
Mixing:  Stir well before use. Pour the dry contents, which are stored in the plastic cap, into the tin of paint.  Shake or store thoroughly.
Cleaning solvent: YTA600 VC General Thinner.

Airless spray pressure: 176-210 bar. Nozzle diameter: 1880-2180.

Conventional spray pressure: 2-3 bar. Nozzle diameter: 1,5-1,8 mm.

Other: For Airmix spray application: Pressure: 2 bar. Nozzle diameter: 20-113.

Important points:
The true colour will develop after immersion. It is important to apply the product quantity calculated on the basis of the spreading rate, if necessary with an extra coat.  It is important to respect the thicknesses as advised to obtain the best results. To prevent poor result and performance, ensure the correct amount of paint is applied using the coverage as a guide (see spreading rate). The temperature of the product should be between a minimum of  5°C/41°F and a maximum of 35°C/95°F.  The ambient temperature should be between a minimum of 5°C/41°F and a maximum of  35°C/95°F. The surface temperature should be a minimum of 1°C above dew point and a maximum of 35°C.

GRP, Wood, Steel/Iron, Lead. Not suitable for use on aluminum/light alloys or zinc-coated surfaces.

Number of coats: 2 per season. Apply an an extra coat in areas subject to greater wear such as rudders, sterndrives, keels and walk areas.

Spreading rate: (Theoretical) 11.7 m²/lt with roller - (Practical) 10.5 m²/lwith roller.
Recommended dry film thickness, per coat 30 microns, with roller
Recommended wet film thickness, per coat 83 microns, with roller

Application methods: Airless spray, conventional spray, roller.



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