Hempel High Protect 0,75 Lt Grey #456COL032

Hempel High Protect 0,75 Lt Grey #456COL032

Hempel High Protect 0,75 Lt Grey #456COL032

HEMPEL HIGH PROTECT is a two component epoxy primer amino high build, solvent free. It forms a hard, tough and water-resistant. As a primer below the waterline of fiberglass boats and steel.
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Finish: High gloss
Volume solids,% 100
Theoretical coverage: 2.9 m2 / l [116.3 sq.ft. / US gallon] - 350 micron / 14 mils
Flash point: 74 ° C [165.2 ° F]
Specific weight: 1.3 kg / liter [10.5 lb / US gallons]
Touch dry: 10-12 hour (s) 20 ° C / 68 ° F, 22 to 27 hours at 10 ° C / 50 ° F
Fully cured: 7 days (i) 20 ° C / 68 ° F, 14 days (i) at 10 ° C / 50 ° F
VOC content: 10 g / l [0.1 lb / US gallons]


Mixing ratio: 3: 2 by volume
Application method: Airless / brush / sponge roller
Thinner, (volume max): Do not dilute
Pot life: 45 minutes (i) 20 ° C / 68 ° F, 60 minutes at 15 ° C / 59 ° F
Hole nozzle: 0.023 "
Nozzle pressure: 250 bar [3625 psi] (Airless spray data are indicatrivi and subject to adjustment)
Cleaning equipment: HEMPEL'S THINNER 08451 The roller is discarded after use.
Dry thickness indicated 350 micron [14 mils]
Thick wet indicated 350 micron [14 mils]
Recoat interval, min to specification.
Recoat interval, max As per specification.


Wash the area to be treated with HEMPEL'S PRE-CLEAN 67602 as shown in the instructions and rinse with fresh water. Remove salt and other contaminants by cleaning with fresh water at high pressione.Fibra glass: The surface should be roughened with a roughness uniform (sandpaper, grit 80-100). Remove the polvere.Acciaio: Making your blasting to Sa 2½, ISO 8501-1: 2007, surface profile corresponding to Rugotest No. 3, BN 11.


Use only when the application and curing take place at temperatures higher than 10 ° C / 50 ° F. The temperature of the paint must be equal to 15 ° C or higher. When applying, the surface must be perfectly clean, dry and temperature must be above the dew point to prevent the formation of condensa.Fibra glass: For repairs of osmosis, apply at least 2 layers with dry film thickness of 350 microns each (at least 4 layers with dry film thickness of 150 microns each for roller applications). For preventive treatments, apply at least one layer with a dry film thickness of 350 microns each (at least 2 layers with dry film thickness of 150 microns each for roller applications) .Acciaio: minimum 3 layers of each 150 micron / 6 mils dry film thickness.

Application equipment

We recommend using manichettei ½ '' between the pump and the spray gun to avoid pressure drops and, if possible, remove the suction hose.

Film thickness / dilution

It may be specified in a different thickness, depending on the mode of use and area of ​​use. This will alter spreading. For application by roller, it is essential to make sure that the layer of the porous film is not specified.


The catalyst is highly thixotropic. Add 3 basic parts to 2 parts of catalyst during the mixing.


The mass in water must not take place before the catalysis of a week of the last layer of the product (20 ° C). 2 weeks at 10 ° C / 50 ° F


If you exceed the range, it is necessary to apply a thin coat of HEMPEL'S LIGHT PRIMER 45551. After prolonged exposure to the elements, before recoating completely clean the surface using high-pressure cleaning with fresh water and let dry.