Battery charger Chargemaster 24V 30A with 3 out #21020780

Battery charger Chargemaster 24V 30A with 3 out #21020780

Battery charger Chargemaster 24V 30A with 3 out #21020780

Battery charger Chargemaster 24V 30A with 3 out
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A Marine battery charger: Long life for your batteries
Install a Mastervolt battery charger and rest assured that your on board batteries are always quickly and completely charged, even when you have limited supply or are moored in marinas with low shore power. Mastervolt's three-step+ charging method guarantees optimum efficiency. Your batteries will perform better and last much longer.

Combination of two individual functions
The Mastervolt battery charger is suitable as standard to carry out two functions:
• As a battery charger: safe, fast and complete charging of batteries. Also enabling charging of completely depleted batteries.
• As a power supply: conversion of shore or generator electricity to appropriate 12, 24 or 48 V on-board power.

General specifications:
Nominal output voltage: 24 V
Nominal input voltage: 120/230 V
Charge current: 30 A
Number of outputs: 3
Charge current third output: 30 A
Charge current second output: 30 A
Dimensions (HxWxD): 291x210x131 mm
Weight: 4 kg
MasterBus compatible: yes

Technical specifications:
Input voltage range: 90-265 V
Input frequency range: 45-65 Hz
Recommended battery capacity: 60-300 Ah
Charge characteristic: IUoUo, automatic / 3-step(+)
Float voltage: 26,5 V
Absorption voltage: 28,5 V
Absorption time: 15 min - 8 hours
Voltage compensation: yes
Temperature compensation: -60 mV/ °C
Suitable for wet cell batteries: yes
Suitable for Spiral batteries: yes
Suitable for AGM batteries: yes
Suitable for Gel batteries: yes
Suitable for Li-Ion batteries: yes
Status indication on enclosure: yes
Sound level: <52 dBA @ 1 m
Nominal input frequency: 50/60 Hz
Maximum power consumption (@full power): 1000 VA
Power consumption (DC side): <5 mA
Power factor control: >0.98
Automatic variospeed fan: yes
Approval UL: yes
Approval CE: yes
Approval E-Marking (95/54/EG): yes

Environmental specifications:

Protection degree(IP): 23
Temperature range(operating): -25 to 65 °C


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