Rolls 12CS11P Battery Bank 24,14 kWh C100 #200ROLLS12CS11P

Rolls 12CS11P Battery Bank 24,14 kWh C100 #200ROLLS12CS11P

Rolls 12CS11P Battery Bank 24,14 kWh C100 #200ROLLS12CS11P

Rolls 12CS11P Battery Bank - 48V 24,14kWh (Composed of 4 Rolls batteries of 12V 503Ah C100)
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Rolls Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries 12V - 503Ah C100.
Battery bank 48 Volt 503 Ah C100 has 4 units of 12 Volt 503 Ah each, for an energy storage of 24,14 kWh.
Technical features of individual units here below:

- Dual container modular construction.
- Coupling of our thick plate design with highest density active material.
- Enveloped separators.
- Increased liquid reserve.
- Elimination of “Stray” current.
- No acid leakage.
- Easy “on-site” assembly/disassembly (no special tools or skills required).
- Significantly less connections, eliminating many points of failure, thus increasing charging efficiency.
- Sediment chamber removed allowing higher plates to be used in the same sized cell, thus yielding greater capacity.
- Unsurpassed cycling service, 10 year warranty - 15 years average life expectancy!
- Less maintenance.
- Link leads, terminal covers.

- Nominal voltage: 12;
- Actual Capacity (Ah/C100): 503;
- Dimensions (mm) LxWxH: 559x286x464;
- Weight wet kg: 123;
- Weight dry kg: 100;
- Number cycles with discharges at 100 %: 1500 cycles;
- Number cycles with discharges at 50%: 3200 cycles;
- Number cycles with discharges at 25 %:  5000 cycles.

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