Streets lamps

Streetlight in die-cast aluminium with a very high optical efficiency. Body and adjustment support in die-cast aluminium. Textured metallic grey colour made with polyester powders. Flat transparent tempered heat and shock-proof glass 5 mm thick. Silicone gaskets.
Multi-facetted high efficiency street optic 99,85% pure brite. Cut-off emission. Ratio height / interdistance of the poles 3,8. In conformity with Italian and European regulations regarding photometric performance of street lighting. (UNI 11248; UNI EN 13201-2-3-4).
Maximum installation flexibility thanks to the adjustable lamp holder: 4 photometric curve light flux distribution.

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    Lamp-post model Dubai - Code: 25529500
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    Lamp-post model Dubai
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    Tapered pole 4mt 114/89x3 + removable support for lantern d. 60 mm