Western SPC07B-12 Solar Laderegler 12V 10A PWM #30550125

Western SPC07B-12 Solar Laderegler 12V 10A PWM #30550125

Western SPC07B-12 Solar Laderegler 12V 10A PWM #30550125

SPC07B-12 ist eine Solar Laderegler PWM für 12Vdc eigenständige Photovoltaikanlagen Installationen.
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Western SPC07B-12 Solar Laderegler 12V 10A PWM

- PWM aufladen
- Für 12-V-gekapselte Bleiakkus
- Maximale aufladen Aktuelle 10A
- LED Statusanzeigen
- Twilight switch system
- 8 Programme, um die Last zu verwalten.
- Innere block Diode
- Aufladen ist temperaturkompensiert entweder
- Kontrolle der Batterie schwach
- LED-Anzeigen
- DIN, IP20


Western SPC07B-12 12V 10A PWM Charge Controller

SPC07B-12 is a charge controller for 12Vdc PV applications able to manage the recharge of lead acid batteries and a load in CC at maximum 10A and with 8 different configurations.
The special feature of this charge controller is that it can be put in DIN track (one module) so it is ideal for switchboard installations. The PV module detects twilight status.
SPC07B-12 is provided with low drop block diode so as to avoid battery discharge through the PV modules and at the same time checks the low battery status to safeguard against deep discharge due to the load consumption. A two-coloured LED indicates possible error status (red) and presence of voltage from the module (green). A yellow LED indicates the activation of the load.

- PWM recharge
- For 12V sealed lead acid batteries
- Max load current 10A
- LED status indicators
- Twilight switch system
- 8 programs to manage the load
- Internal block diode
- Recharge compensated in temperature
- Low battery control
- LED indicators
- Compact box IP20