B&G Zeus³ 7 7-Zoll Kartenplotter mit 4G Breitband Radar 000-13805-001 #62800024

B&G Zeus³ 7 7-Zoll Kartenplotter mit 4G Breitband Radar 000-13805-001 #62800024
  • B&G Zeus³ 7 7-Zoll Kartenplotter mit 4G Breitband Radar 000-13805-001 #62800024
  • B&G Zeus³ 7 7-Zoll Kartenplotter mit 4G Breitband Radar 000-13805-001 #62800024
  • B&G Zeus³ 7 7-Zoll Kartenplotter mit 4G Breitband Radar 000-13805-001 #62800024
  • B&G Zeus³ 7 7-Zoll Kartenplotter mit 4G Breitband Radar 000-13805-001 #62800024
  • B&G Zeus³ 7 7-Zoll Kartenplotter mit 4G Breitband Radar 000-13805-001 #62800024

B&G Zeus³ 7 7-Zoll Kartenplotter mit 4G Breitband Radar 000-13805-001 #62800024

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B&G Zeus³ 7 7-Zoll Hochleistungs-Multifunktionsdisplay mit Breitband-4G-Radarantenne 000-13805-001. Leistungsstarke Elektronik und ein exzellenter Funktionsumfang wurden speziell für Segler entwickelt.
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B & G Zeus³ 7 7-Zoll-Hochleistungs-Multifunktionsdisplay mit Breitband-4G-Radarantenne 000-13805-001

Ein kompletter Kartenplotter mit einer erstaunlichen Leistung, der speziell für Segler entwickelt wurde. 4G Breitbandradarantenne enthalten.
Zeus³ ist ein kompletter Kartenplotter mit einer erstaunlichen Leistung, der speziell für Segler entwickelt wurde.
Das 7-Zoll-Touchscreen-Display, die leistungsstarke Elektronik und der exzellente Funktionsumfang wurden speziell für Segler entwickelt.
• Hervorragende Bildschirmsichtbarkeit mit ultra-weiten Blickwinkeln.
• Hohe Leistung für reaktionsschnellen Betrieb und schnelles Neuzeichnen von Karten.
• Spezielle Segelfunktionen wie SailSteer, Laylines und RacePanel.
• Integriertes Wi-Fi für einfachen Zugriff auf Diagramme, Wetter, Updates, Unterstützung und Bildschirmspiegelung.
• Integrierte ForwardScan ™ -Sonarunterstützung für sicheren Durchgang durch seichtes Wasser.
• Nahtlose Integration mit anderen B & G Displays und Zubehörteilen in einem Bootssystem.

Technische Daten:
Abmessungen: 239 x 150 x 90 mm, mit Halter: 263 x 161 x 93 mm;
Gewicht: 1,1 kg;
Betriebstemperatur: -15 ° C bis +55 ° C;
Lagertemperatur: -20 ° C bis +60 ° C;
Wasserdicht: IPX6 und 7;
Betriebsspannung: 10 - 31,2 V DC;
Empfohlene Sicherung: 3 A;
Leistungsaufnahme: 20 W;
Auflösung: 600 x 1024 px;
Leuchtkraft: 1200 Nissen;
Betrachtungswinkel: 80 ° oben / unten, 80 ° links / rechts;
Ethernet: 1 Verbindung;
Bluetooth: integriert;
NMEA2000: 1x NMEA2000 microC;
NMEA0183: 1x Ausgang, 1x Eingang;
Videoeingang: 2x Composite-Anschlüsse mit Cinch-Buchsen;
WiFi: integriert;
Sonar-Verbindung: Ja, 40-250 kHz, 455-800 kHz;
GPS: integriert, 10 Hz, 34 Kanäle;
Externer Speicher: 2x microSD-Steckplätze, max. Kapazität: 32 GB;
Interner Speicher: 16 GB;
Wegpunkte, Routen und Tracks: 6000 Wegpunkte, 500 Routen mit 100 maximalen Routenpunkten, 50 Tracks mit bis zu 12.000 Trackpunkten;
Weitere Funktionen: Radar, Sonar, Wetter, AIS, Autopilot-Integration, Multimedia (SonicHub, FusionLink, Sirius);
Lieferumfang: NSS7 EVO³ Display, Einbaurahmen, Befestigungswinkel, Sonnenschutz, 2 m Stromkabel.

The Zeus³ 7 is a complete chartplotter navigation system for blue water cruisers and regatta racers. This high-performance multifunction display features a 7-inch widescreen display, incorporating SolarMAX™ HD technology for brilliant daytime visibility and ultra-wide viewing angles. To ensure reliable control in all conditions and situations, Zeus³ incorporates an all-weather touchscreen that works even while wet. It combines this with an integrated rotary dial and keypad capable of controlling all display functions. Both sets of controls can be used simultaneously, or Zeus³ can be switched to non-touch mode for dependable operation under the most extreme conditions.

A high-performance processor enables responsive operation and quick chart redraw while moving, panning or zooming. Zeus³ is powered by B&G software designed specifically for sailors, and packed with a wide array of sail-specific functionality. See all key sailing data on a single screen with SailSteer, view laylines and tacking angles overlaid on charts, and plan more accurately with Sailing Time arrival estimates that factor in the realities of travel by wind. RacePanel delivers a range race-proven functionality including integration with B&G H5000 tactical systems for additional analytical and predictive capabilities.

Built-in Wi-Fi lets you access charts, weather information, software updates and online support directly from your display via any Wi-Fi internet hotspot. GoFree® Wi-Fi also lets you mirror your Zeus³ screen on a compatible smartphone, and control your Zeus³ display from a compatible tablet, for an extra display that you can use anywhere on board.

See what lies ahead beneath the water with built-in support for ForwardScan™ sonar, and above the water with plug-and-play support for Broadband Radar™ and AIS solutions. Enhance your situational awareness in crowded harbours and during races and regattas with tools like MARPA target tracking and AIS overlay. Complete autopilot integration means short-handed and single-handed sailors can take immediate control of their B&G autopilot system from any B&G Zeus³ display on board.

Zeus³ also connects seamlessly to a wide range of sensors, instruments, displays, expansion modules, and accessories; allowing you to create a fully-integrated electronics solution to provide greater safety, performance, and enjoyment on the water.

Technical data:
Dimensions: 239 x 150 x 90 mm, with holder: 263 x 161 x 93 mm;
Weight: 1.1 kg;
Operating temperature: -15 °C to +55 °C;
Storage temperature: -20 °C to +60 °C;
Waterproof: IPX6 and 7;
Operating voltage: 10 - 31.2 V DC;
Recommended fuse: 3 A;
Power consumption: 20 W;
Resolution: 600 x 1024 px;
Luminosity: 1200 nits;
Viewing angle: 80° above/below, 80° left/right;
Ethernet: 1 connection;
Bluetooth: Integrated;
NMEA2000: 1x NMEA2000 microC;
NMEA0183: 1x output, 1x input;
Video input: 2x Composite connctions with RCA-sockets;
WiFi: Integrated;
Sonar connection: Yes, 40-250 kHz, 455-800 kHz;
GPS: Integrated, 10 Hz, 34 channels;
External storage: 2x microSD slots, max. capacity: 32 GB;
Internal storage: 16 GB;
Waypoints, Routes and Tracks: 6000 waypoints, 500 Routes with 100 max route points, 50 tracks with up to 12,000 track points;
Languages: English(US), English(UK), Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish;
Other features: Radar, Sonar, Weather, AIS, Autopilot-Integration, Multimedia (SonicHub, FusionLink, Sirius);
Delivery contents: NSS7 EVO³ Display, Installation frame, Mounting bracket, Sun-shield, 2 m power cable.

B&G Broadband 4G™ 4G Radar Antenna
The B&G Broadband 4G™ radar antenna offers beam sharpening and dual-range radar for maximum navigational safety and better visibility on board. Crystal clear radar images and excellent radar target detection and distinction are guaranteed. Ships at anchor, docks, channel marks and other critical targets are displayed clearly and are easily distinguishable from one another.
•    36 nm working range.
•    Customisable target separation.
•    B&G precision.
•    Low emissions.
Technical data:
Radar Antenna Width: 19";
Radar Technology: Broadband FMCW;
Radar Max Range: 36 nm;
Radar Power Requirements: 12 V / 20 W;
Radar Features: MARPA, Guard Zones, InstantON, Dual Range, High Speed, Beam Sharpening;
Operating Temperature: -25° to +55°C (-13° to +130°F);
Water Resistance :IPX6;
Diameter [mm]: 489 mm / 19.3 in;
Humidity: +35°C (95°F) 95% RH;
Weight: 7.4 kg / 16 lbs (no cable);
Product Height: 280 mm / 11 in;
Power Consumption: 20 W (Typ.) @ 13.8 V DC (21 W in dual range mode) Standby: 2.9 W;
Power Supply (Supply Voltage):
- 9 V to 31.2 V DC (12/24 Volt systems)
- Reverse polarity protection
- Minimum startup voltage 10.8 V DC
Output Power [kW]: (at antenna port) 165 mW nominal;
Antenna Horizontal Beam Width [deg]: 5.2°+/-10% (-3 dB width) °;
Antenna Receiver Noise Figure [dB]: 6 dB;
Antenna Rotation Speed: 24/36/48 rpm +/- 10% (mode and MFD model dependent);
Antenna Vertical Beam Width: 25°+/-20% (-3 dB width) °;
Beam Width: Adjustable between 2.6° and 5.2° with target separation control (Simrad, B&G) , 2.6° (Lowrance);
Distance Range [nm]: 36 nm;
Radar Wind Resistance: 51 m/sec (Max:100 Knots);
Transmitter Frequency: X-band - 9.3 to 9.4 Ghz.
Note: Radar antenna is supplied with a radar interface box, ethernet cable (length: 1.8 m) and radar antenna cable (length: 20 m).

Comes with:
000-13245-001 Zeus³-7 MFD, WORLD BASEMAP.
000-10423-001 Broadband 4G Radar Package for B & G Zeus Series. Includes B & G Broadband 4G ™ Radar Scanner, 20 m (66 ft) scanner cable, RI10 interface box, Yellow Ethernet cable - 1.8 m (6 ft).