Nautische elektronischer Instrument GPS-Radar Fish-finder

Nautical Electronic instrumentation GPS Radar Fishfinder

All the instruments necessary for smooth and safe sailing are here! All the leading brands including Garmin, Lowrance, Simrad, Humminbird, Steiner, Cobra Marine, Polmar, Konus, Oregon, B&G, Riviera, Barigo, Uflex, Thuraya, Iridium.

Amongst the onboard electronic instrumentation you will also find nautical electronic position indicator such as GPS, as well as sea depth sensor and instrumentation for the reconstruction of the seabed, as well as necessary nautical equipment such as binoculars, radio VHF, compasses, sextants and satellite instrumentation.

The most sold instruments are Garmin GPS, Garmin Fishfinders, Garmin Radar, Garmin watches, Garmin multifunction ..Lowrance, Simrad, B&G, Raymarine..

  1. 1
    Boss Marine MR752C 400W Speaker Pair White #69020787
    185,44 €
    MR752C is a high quality speaker with removable crossover and tweeter.
  2. 2
    Boss Marine MR65G3 250W Speaker Pair #69020788
    186,66 €
    MR65G3 has a great aesthetic line and excellent sound quality with 3 interchangeable grilles.
  3. 3
    Boss Marine MRGB65 Speaker Pair  White with LED lights #69020789
    180,56 €
    The marine Boss Marine MRGB65 speakers help to define the aesthetic details of your boat, diffusing LED lighting and excellent music.
  4. 4
    Boss Marine MR101 Single Subwoofer 600W White #69020807
    107,36 €
    Subwoofer Boss Marine MR101 is capable of emanating very clear and clean basses even with a modest 600W peak power.
  5. 5
    Boss Marine MR105 Single Subwoofer 1000W White #69020808
    145,79 €
    MR105 is a high power subwoofer with a small size.
  6. 6
    Boss Marine MR30 Speaker Pair 200W #69020810
    141,52 €
    MR30 is a pair of high power 2 way speakers, easy to install.
  7. 7
    Boss Marine MRWT40 Waketower Speaker Pair 400W #69020811
    162,26 €
    Boss Marine MRWT40 is a very robust waketower with 400W peak power.
  8. 8
    Boss Marine BM40AMPBT Waketower Speaker Pair BT 500W #69020812
    359,90 €
    Boss Marine BM40AMPBT waketower is small but robust equipped with its own amplifier system and bluetooth connection.
  9. 9
    Boss Marine BM650AMPBT Waketower Speaker Pair BT 750W #69020813
    488,00 €
    Boss Marine BM650AMPBT is a powerful waketower speaker equipped with its own amplifier system to be connected via bluetooth and your smartphone.
  10. 10
    Boss Marine MRWT8W Waketower 700W White #69020814
    398,94 €
    Boss Marine MRWT8 is a high power and high quality waketower with a very refined line.
  11. 11
    Boss Marine MRBT200 Speaker Bluetooth Blue #69020820
    78,57 €
    Boss Marine MRBT140 and MRBT200 are advanced portable speakers with Bluetooth and NFC Pairing, protected against splashes of water and impact.
  12. 12
    Boss Marine MC500 Motor Bike system 600W #69050041
    237,90 €
    Boss MC500 motor bike stereo system with amplifier, speaker pair and remote control.
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